St. Marys Fishing Report—09-04-17

Grand Lake Bait & Tackle reports crappies are starting to transition as the water temperatures drop. According to reports, experienced fishermen are catching a lot of fish along the rocky shorelines picking up mostly crappies and an occasional keeper bluegill. The morning and even bites are producing more fish, but good fishermen who hunt fish are picking them up at other times of the day. Docks, dock posts, and lifts in deeper water are holding fish, and those who shoot pontoons are having success. The keeper rate is roughly 75%. Most fishermen are using jigs tipped with plastic tails. White and pink are popular colors. Multi-colored tails are also popular. Chartreuse is the standby color. Wax worms and spikes are occasionally added to the combination. It’s important to change depths regularly and a good idea to start shallow and work deeper.

Catfishing has been excellent at St. Marys. The winning six-fish limits haven’t been as heavy as in the past but have remained solid. The July and August winning weights for six fish were in the 40 pound range. The Classic invitational tournament will be held on September 9. Bass fishing has been more difficult with warmer temperatures, but fishing is expected to pick up as the water cools and the fish start the fall feed.

The water level is currently close to normal measured at the West Bank spillway cut and compared to last year. Water quality advisories are still posted. Overall, fishermen are waiting for cooler temperatures.