Lake Loramie Fishing Report—04-25-18

A good ratio of keeper crappies along with the usual stable bluegill population has fishermen excited. Spillway Bait and Tackle reports that high water has the west end of the lake muddy, but the east end is producing crappies as the water clears. Roughly two out of three crappies being caught are keepers. When located, some bragging size crappies over 14 inches are being caught. Popular spots are the 119 Bridge area and the Luthman Bridge area. The Minster Branch, Earl’s Island and Filburns Island should start producing fish as conditions improve. Jigs and plastic tails are popular. Fishermen are having more success tipping their jig tails with wax worms, spikes, or Crappie Nibbles. A lot of crappie minnows are also being used. Pads are producing most of the fish. Boat fishermen currently have better access to cleaner water. Like most lakes, crappie fishing is susceptible to weather fronts and pressure changes. Overall, Lake Loramie is a user-friendly place for bank fishermen. There are ample opportunities to locate fish without chasing other fishermen.

The area below the new spillway along the creek is producing some saugeye. Catfishing is excellent and catfish are biting all around the lake. Fish the points with night crawlers and bass minnows. Evidently, multiple shad hatches have not only affected the crappie size but also the bass. However, unsettled weather, heavy rain, and muddy water are making bass fishermen work. Lake Loramie has an extremely large watershed feeding it. It doesn’t take much rain, especially with saturated ground, to cause flooding. The fishing outlook is excellent in spite of the late spring.