Lake Loramie Fishing Report—02-28-18

The continuing appearance of larger crappies and the usual stable bluegill population has Loramie fishermen excited. Ice fishermen were catching fish but the unexpected warm spells in January and February opened the lake completely and cut their season short. As the lake settles, fishermen are hunting for fish at an unusual time of the year under even more unusual conditions. The fishing is expected to pick up and the percentage of keeper crappies is projected to improve. Spillway Bait and Tackle reports that fishermen are hustling to transition into spring fishing. As always, spring weather can become a spoiler.

As the crappie size continues to improve, some bragging size crappies over 14 inches were caught in 2017.  Popular spots so far this year are the 119 Bridge area, the Luthman Bridge area, the Minster Branch, and Earl’s Island. Structure in deeper water hold fish. Fishing over submerged pad beds can also produce. Lake Loramie is a user-friendly place for bank fishermen. You don’t need a boat to avoid crowds. There are ample opportunities to locate fish without chasing other fishermen.

Die-hard saugeye fishermen will be concentrating in deeper water. The Luthman bridge area and the 119 bridge are popular saugeye spots.  Jigging blade baits like the Vibe “E” can be effective. Slender Spoons and Swedish Pimples are also popular baits. Fishermen are checking out the creek below the new spillway which is now in operation. Some saugeye have already been taken this year. Twister tails are commonly thrown in these waters. On a positive note, Spillway Bait and Tackle reports that catfish are biting all around the lake. Fish the points with night crawlers.