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  • A Perch Selfie
    A Perch Selfie
  • These are a lot of times a man misses a special dog.
  • St. Marys Fishing Report—10-13-16

    Grand Lake Bait & Tackle reports cooler temperatures are starting to have a positive effect on the crappie fishing. The fall bite is just starting after a long period of warm temperatures.  Crappies are being taken by experienced bank fishermen, but they have to be hunted. Docks are popular structure. Fishermen are looking for structure . . read more

  • Indian Lake Fishing Report—10-13-16

    Lakeside Pro Bass reports that the fall fishing season has started to kick in with cooler water temperatures. Crappie fishing is picking up with some fishermen reporting limit catches. Fish are being hunted but all areas seem to be worth checking. Moundwood, Black Hawk, and the game preserve are popular spots. Boat docks and any . . read more

  • Lake Loramie Fishing Report—10-13-16

    According to Spillway Bait and Tackle the fishing is starting to pick up as water temperatures drop. Crappie fishermen are starting to catch some fish and finding more and more keepers. Reports of recent Division of Wildlife test nets show that the crappie population is healthy. Many of the crappies that were just short of . . read more

  • Walk with Nature

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni I walked the towpath the other day to the 40 acre pond to check conditions and do a bit of reminiscing. I’m not sure how many years ago I walked this area for the first time, but I know it’s pushing 70. Like most St. Marys boys, assuming they . . read more

  • Hunting Requires an Attitude

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni Although I don’t hunt that much anymore, I can still get away with calling myself a waterfowl hunter. I’m also pretty experienced when it comes to upland gamebird hunting, so I’m comfortable calling myself a bird hunter. I earned both titles by spending a lot of hours learning about . . read more

  • Bow Hunting Continues to Grow

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni It always amazes me to hear today’s deer hunters talk about our local deer. Many of the younger breed have no idea that there was a time when seeing a deer in this neck of the woods was something to be reported in the newspaper. Mention that fact and . . read more

  • September Brings Cooler Weather and Dove Hunting

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni The first day of September, 2016 brought cooler weather and the opening day of the dove season. Unlike the deer season, I didn’t see truckloads of orange-clad hunters heading for the front lines. As a matter of fact, I even spent a little time looking for a dove hunter . . read more

  • Fishing for Giant Cats

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni I was on the water the other day with my catfishing partner looking for some decent fish. What we were doing qualifies as pre-fishing in preparation for the Catmaster Classic, our final catfish tournament of the year. We didn’t find any big fish, but eliminated a couple of spots from . . read more

  • Low Lake Levels Shouldn’t Dampen the Mood

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni There’s no doubt the low water at Lake St. Marys is leaving a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of boaters who are planning to cut their season short. Although the lake has been a lot lower than it is now, the depth has decreased enough that . . read more

  • It’s Getting Time for a Perch Search

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni August is almost here, and I feel the urge to go fishing. Of course, I probably picked the worst month of the year to chase fish, but it is what it is. First, I’ll be on the water because of scheduled events. I’ll fish an August 13 catfish tournament . . read more

  • Time for Fall Preparation

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni An unexpected rain dropped almost a half inch of rain on my yard a few days ago, which had little effect. I’m not complaining, though, since I don’t think the section I live in has had an inch total of precip since June 1. It’s safe to say that . . read more

  • Duck Hunters are Looking for Rain

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni I watched weather radar last Wednesday evening and saw enough red and yellow to make me excited. Like many, I was looking for some significant rain, and even though the threat of severe weather was being mentioned, I was willing to take the possible wind and the hail just . . read more

  • It’s Transition Time for Outdoorsman

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni   Soon after the July 4 holiday ends, many outdoorsmen find themselves in a transition time. Quality fishing has come to a halt, for the most part, and will do nothing but get worse before it gets better. Heat, wind, and lack of rain can create havoc with any . . read more

  • Low Water Issues at Lake St. Marys

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni The water in Lake St. Marys is low, at least it looks that way. It also feels low if and when you happen to bounce an outboard motor off a piece of underwater obstruction. Low water is a perception. If it affects you negatively, it’s low. If you are . . read more

  • Activities Change with the Seasons

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni I’ve had a long winter and spring dealing with a few medical issues that cramped my outdoor activities. Ticker issues that should have kicked in years ago finally showed up but were taken care of by an excellent surgeon supported by a lot of quality nursing care. Another bout . . read more

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