• A Perch Selfie
    A Perch Selfie
  • There are a lot of times a man misses a special dog.
  • St. Marys Fishing Report—02-28-18

    The lake was free of ice by February 20 and only a couple of protected channels on the north side were exceptions to the rule.  Like 2017, unexpected warm spells put the spring fishing season about three weeks ahead of schedule. February was a wetter than usual month and warm temperatures brought out both the . . read more

  • Indian Lake Fishing Report—02-28-18

    Two warm spells in January and early February had ice fishermen scrambling to salvage their season. Ice quality was questionable by the middle of February, and a week later the main lake, channels, and the reserve were all open water. Warm temperatures brought out the fishermen. According to reports some nice crappies are being caught . . read more

  • Lake Loramie Fishing Report—02-28-18

    The continuing appearance of larger crappies and the usual stable bluegill population has Loramie fishermen excited. Ice fishermen were catching fish but the unexpected warm spells in January and February opened the lake completely and cut their season short. As the lake settles, fishermen are hunting for fish at an unusual time of the year . . read more

  • It Pays to be Proactive

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni I’m looking at the calendar and notice immediately that in less than two weeks, February 2018 will be history. Of course, we still have a number of days until the official arrival of spring, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s time to be proactive and start preparing for . . read more

  • 2018-19 Deer Regulations Proposed

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni Deer hunting is probably the most popular hunting sport in Ohio, and the same applies to most of the other states with a viable deer population. The skill level of Ohio deer hunters has risen over the years since the percentage of deer hunters who hunt with a bow . . read more

  • February Weather is Fickle

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni February happens to be one of my favorite months, even though I really don’t care for it very much. That sounds contradictory, but not when you consider that it precedes March, which is at the top of my list, and it’s short. Evidently, I’m not the only one preoccupied . . read more

  • It’s Transition Time for Sportsmen

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni For many sportsmen January and February are transition months between the hunting and fishing seasons. Of course, there are a few who enjoy the cold winter weather and the outdoor activities that go with them, but by and large, the average hunter and fisherman, especially the older ones, prefer . . read more

  • It’s Time for Ice Fishing

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni Although many people don’t especially care for long stretches of subfreezing temperatures, there are exceptions, and among them are ice fishermen. Since ice fishing becomes more popular the farther north one goes, it’s kind of amazing we have the number of ice fishermen we do. Our part of the . . read more

  • 2018-2019 Hunting Seasons Announced

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni After an unusually cold start to winter in December, it was nice to experience some of the warmer temperatures this week. Of course, the warm spell was short lived, which is characteristic of a January thaw, a phenomenon of weather many consider a myth. According to the weather people, . . read more

  • Winter Hunting and Fishing Activities

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni While fair weather outdoorsmen wait for the first signs of spring before they go outdoors, others who enjoy the winter cold take advantage of what the season offers. For example, if you’re driving around the countryside over the next four days, chances are you might be spotting some hunter-orange . . read more

  • 2017 was Unique for Many Outdoorsmen

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni Just about everyone sits back about now and reflects on the events of the previous year, usually with a stiff drink in one hand or the other, or both. It’s a good thing to do, for the most part, although some might disagree. Studies show that people who reflect . . read more

  • Deer Hunters are Changing

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni According to the Division of Wildlife’s harvest reports, hunters bagged a shade over 14,000 deer during last weekend’s two-day hunt. This was significantly more than last year at the same time, but rain one day and bitter cold the next probably had a lot to do with that. Regardless, . . read more

  • It’s an Active Time for Outdoorsmen

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni I don’t know where the fall of 2017 went, but I wasn’t outside for hardly any of it. I had other responsibilities, and they trumped anything else on the agenda. Regardless, although I won’t be chasing any critters for a while, others will, and this weekend should be a . . read more

  • My Christmas List

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni It is December and everyone seems to be obsessed with spending a lot of money this year for Christmas presents. To get right into the spirit, I’ve decided this year to focus on myself for a change and send a request letter to Santa. I’ll skip the normal drivel . . read more

  • Deer Hunters Prepare for Gun Season

    Outdoors with Forda Birds—By John Andreoni The week of Thanksgiving always had a special meaning for me when I was a kid. No, I seldom thought of spending the day giving thanks for anything, although I was grateful for what I had. My celebration was much less profound than that. It was a day I . . read more

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